Why Solid Links?

Solid Links Services was established in 2004 and has been offering services for more than 10 years. Over that period many customers and clients have benefited from our friendly, reliable, impartial and experienced advice and service.

Solid Link Services has supplied many waste water and surface water products over the years and seen companies come and go trying to copy our unique approach. We offer many solutions to many problems, from a single domestic house with problems with their drain levels, right through to surface and flood water applications where flow rates are the issue.

Most companies are tied to their own products meaning they can only find the closest fit solution from within their own product range. With Solid Link Services you can be assured that the solution offered is the best available sourced from multiple companies.

Solid Link Services primary products are:

However, subsidiary products can be designed or supplied at competitive rates, such as:

  • septic tanks
  • sewage treatment plants
  • oil separators
  • rainwater harvesting systems

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